No 59 (2010)

Starodubovsky reading

Table of Contents

Proceedings in memory of Starodubov

Deformation strengthening of wire rod from various manufacturers PDF (Русский)
V. V. Parusov, E. V. Parusov, L. V. Sagura, O. V. Parusov 3-7
Ceramic composite materials for working at high temperatures PDF (Русский)
V. I. Bol'shakov, V. I. Harchenko, F. F. Vashkevich, A. Ya. Spil'nyk, V. I. Zhuravel, A. B. Zagorodnij, V. I. Lyubushkin, A. B. Miloserdov, Yu. N. Evterev 8-9
Effective products and designs of liquid slag silicomanganese PDF (Русский)
V. I. Bol'shakov, V. S. Kucin, V. A. Nevedomskij, O. S. Scherbak, S. A. Scherbak 10-14
Changes in basic electrochemical parameters of steel after operation PDF (Українська)
O. G. Arhipov, O. V. Lyubimova-Zinchenko, D. O. Koval'ov 15-20
Influence of deformation-temperature parameters of thermomechanical treatment on the strength properties of steel sv-08gnm PDF (Русский)
V. V. Parusov, I. N. Chujko, O. V. Parusov, A. B. Sychkov 21-23
The influence of microstructural characteristics of the structure on the stock of structural strength of structural materials PDF (Русский)
T. V. Kimstac, V. Yu. Kostyrya, L. N. Deineko, Yu. N. Ushakov 24-33
Increased reactivity of granulated blast furnace slag PDF (Русский)
V. I. Bol'shakov, S. A. Scherbak, M. A. Eliseeva 34-38
Fractal model of structural symmetry of multicomponent materials PDF (Русский)
V. Yu. Kostyrya, I. N. Fedorchenko, P. V. Travini, G. V. Kokashinskaya 39-48
Fractal model of structural symmetry of multicomponent materials PDF (Русский)
V. Yu. Kostyrya, I. N. Fedorchenko, P. V. Travini, G. V. Kokashinskaya 39-48
Contribution of structural parameters to changes in the mechanical properties of the working surfaces of machine parts after pulse-plasma processing PDF (Русский)
L. I. Markashova, O. V. Kolisnichenko, M. L. Valevich, O. S. Kushnareva, I. N. Duda 49-55
Magnetic control (by coercive force) of steel 09g2s, 0, 3ps with deformation, static loads. PDF (Русский)
G. P. Breharya, V. I. Suhomlin, V. I. Voloh 56-64
Physico-chemical model of matrix structure formation with oxide-alloyed metal composites PDF (Русский)
V. Yu. Kostyrya 65-71
Structural prediction of the mechanical properties of welded joints during fracture. PDF (Русский)
E. N. Berdnikova 72-76
Improving the efficiency of tubular gas heaters for radiant heating PDF (Русский)
V. F. Irodov, D. E. Osetyanskaya 77-82
Model of reduction of steel description space PDF (Русский)
O. P. Yushkevich, V. I. Pogorelyj, P. O. Yushkevich 83-97
Volume-modular construction of affordable housing and hotels in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
O. S. Dyachenko 98-102
Rationale for the effectiveness of the choice of organizational and technological solutions for the recycling of broken bricks during the demolition of civil buildings PDF (Русский)
I. S. Dmitrenko, A. A. Martysh, N. A. Kotov 103-107
Prospects design development, forms and image of the tent architecture PDF (Українська)
S. G. Romashko 108-113
Designing of technological and organizational solutions for the restoration of destructible frost-resistant reinforced concrete structures PDF (Русский)
A. A. Chub 114-117
The nature of changes in the strength characteristics of building steel during thermal and thermomechanical processing
H. Asgarov, Remzi Varol, Bulent Kurt, Azmi Erdoqan 118-129
Experimental studies of the effort of soil foundations by high-pressure injection PDF (Русский)
S. I. Golovko, A. S. Golovko 130-136
Analysis of the quality characteristics of corrosion-resistant austenitic ferritic steels in order to expand the areas of their application PDF (Русский)
T. A. Dergach 137-144
Innovative technology for the production of thick sheets - polygonization rolling PDF (Русский)
V. I. Bol'shakov, G. D. Suhomlin, D. V. Lauhin, A. V. Murashkin, O. P. Nosenko, A. V. Beketov 145-151
Grain boundary structure of carbon boiler tubes manufactured according to various technological schemes PDF (Русский)
L. V. Opryshko, T. V. Senina, T. V. Semenov, G. D. Suhomlin 152-156
Analysis of the fortifications of XVIII-XVIII centuries in central and south-eastern Ukraine. PDF (Русский)
M. Yu. Nazarov 157-160
Landscape as the main factor determining the volume-spatial composition of the city PDF (Русский)
A. G. Pestrikova, G. U. Nevgomonnij 161-168
Architectural concept of designing high-rise polyfunctional energy complexes (PEC). PDF (Русский)
G. U. Nevgomonnyj, A. G. Pestrikova, E. S. Pogorelaya 169-172