Analysis of imperfection tube wells on their productivity

V. V. Sharkov, I. I. Semenov, E. A. Zhuravleva, O. A. Franchuk


Abstract.  Purpose. The study subjects related to sources of water supply intakes, practical means to familiarize students with the methods of selecting the type of water intake, establishing their characteristics, calculation of the basic parameters and the selection of appropriate equipment. The complexity of the calculations is the large number of related hydrogeological characteristics of the aquifer and the location of the well in it. Evaluation of qualitative effects of these variables on the productivity of the wells will optimize the calculation methodology, reduce the time and labor intensity, to develop proposals for possible changes in the estimated productivity through greater variation of determining parameters. Methodology. We used analysis of the impact the determinants and groups committed to the productivity of individual tube wells under pressure aquifer. The algorithm changes in the calculation method for determining the productivity of the well through the exchange variation of the determining factors. Findings. It was established that the determination of the efficiency of tube wells rather complicated task that requires experience in the design, accounting and multiple changes in a number of mutually determining factors. It is shown that the need to change the values of defining the technical parameters in the calculation method is maintained at all stages of the calculation. It was found that the productivity of the well proportional change is observed only by varying one of the main technical parameters of the well - its radius. Selection of the radius of the well and the length of the water intake significantly change the productivity of the well, which makes it a valuable and detailed analysis of current. The application of research results to optimize and speed up the method of calculation to make controlled changes to the final result, changing the individual factors of influence or groups. Originality.. Analysis of factors affecting the productivity of individual imperfect tube wells taking water from the pressure aquifer. Recommendations perfection methodology of designing intake facilities of a specified type. Showing controlled direction changes in the values of efficiency of single wells. Practical value.. Using the results of the analysis of the effect of individual factors on the productivity of individual wells allowed to optimize the calculation method of tube wells, show the possible direction of adjusting the boundaries of real productivity.


roll, imperfect well, pressure aquifer, productivity of wells


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