Technology development site promotion

I. M. Iliev, I. S. Filonenko, M. S. Filonenko


Summary.  Purpose.  In the present-day Internet open spaces filled with resources to hit something impossible. Every day, the problem of optimizing a website, nevertheless, become increasingly significant. Find an unusual thematic focus of the site and fill it with a fairly sophisticated content absolutely no means to develop online resource enticing and relevant. Methodology.  Today, there are plenty of programs that are a minimum of time and at the smallest cost allowed the amateur to make the weak resource. That's  just all this does not give the possibility to promote a site and make it "work". The fate of the project from time to time d epending on the current heap and non-standard, but essential tasks.  Findings.  Someone without words and professionally to bring important? So where is the search for responses to unexpected problems have arisen? Where to get feedback on the issues that will not read  in any book, it is not asking for anything?  The answer is found.  Such brain platform is a web design forum. Practical value.  Not only as a forum  web  designers  subsequently  ceases  enticing  root  for  everyone  to  understand  the  tricks  of  the  online  community.  It  bring s together all those who are going on the one hand to share their experiences and developments, contrived solutions, on the other hand those who beats sometimes weeks to resolve what some problems. This is where everything from novice and seasoned completing the hacker will be able to find or vice versa to share demand information, idea, mixing. Often the advice given to the design forum is the only and first-class solution that moves off the ground a whole bunch of questions.


website promotion, promotion, link, internet.


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