New Concepts Of Projection Plasters


  • V. A. Paruta PhD, Ukraine
  • I. V. Brynzin PhD, Ukraine


system "a laying - a plaster covering", a contact zone in this system, the concept and criterion, for projection of properties and compositions of plaster solutions.


Annotation.  Purpose. To develop concepts and criteria for purpose of properties and selection of composition of plaster solutions. In work the offered concepts: 1. Elastances of a plaster covering; 2. The damping layer between a laying and a plaster covering; 3. Integrated on which both the plaster covering, and a contact zone have to be elastic.Projection of structures and properties, plaster solutions, it is necessary to conduct taking into account criteria - tension which arises in a plaster covering because of its contraction and a difference of deformations with a laying at a tverdevaniye, and also deformations of a wall design and the covering at operation. It is necessary to provide such level of tension in a plaster covering and a contact zone with sizes, smaller, for destructive. Important element of system "the laying-shtukaturne a covering" is a contact zone between them. It considerably predetermines a community of their work as a part of a wall design. For management of its formation it is necessary to consider processes which proceed in it, when putting plaster solution, its concreting and operation of a wall design. Methodology. Physical model operation is applied to comprehension of processes which happen in a contact zone of a sitema "laying covering". Results it is also received by calculation of tension in a contact zoniya by means of formulas, the programs "Ansis", "Lira", on the basis of the experimental and literary data of physicomechanical characteristics of a gas-concrete laying and plaster solutions. Results. The obtained data validate the offered concepts and the fact that tension in a contact zone of the laying covering system has to be one of the main criteria at purpose of properties and compositions of plaster solutions. Scientific novelty. In work new concepts which need to be applied at projection of properties and compositions of plaster solutions are offered. Developed ideas of criteria according to which have to be appointed to property and be designed compositions of plaster solutions. Practical meaningfulness. The offered concepts and criterion proceeding from which it is necessary to appoint properties and to design compositions of plaster solutions.

Author Biographies

V. A. Paruta, PhD

Department of Building Materials, Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture (OGASA), 4 Didrihsone st., Odesa, 65029, Ukraine

I. V. Brynzin, PhD

UDK LLC, 7D Olexandra Otsupa st., Dnipro, 49051, Ukraine


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