The main points of form finding and designing structure systems from the steel-concrete grid-cable composite constructions


  • G. M. Gasii Department of Structures from Metal, Wood and Plastics, Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University, 24, Pershotravnevyi avenue, Poltava 36011, Ukraine, Ukraine


shape, design, structure, steel and concre te composite construction, gable, space grid.


There are a need to find effective structural systems including shells in today conditions of the development of scientific and technological advances and the growth of social needs.  The main requirements imposed on  shells  or  its  parts  except  reliability  and  the  required  bearing  capacity  are  an  architectural  view,  aesthetics, ergonomics and high indicators of efficiency.  Use of reliable and modern materials to search and designing of the new structural  concept  is  an  important  issue.  Steels,  modern  concretes  with  various  fillers  and  composites  belong  to  the materials that meet the stated requirements. The effectiveness of the developed structures depends on the usage of these materials and their conditions of behavior it means that materials need to be under pressure of the  forces, which they resistance  well  this  means  steel  needs  to  use  in  stretched  or  compressed  elements  and  concrete  needs to  use  in compressed.  Considering this, the decision to combine the space grid and slabs in an integral space design and further its  research  to  a  wide  implementation  in  practice  of  domestic  and  foreign  construction  are  relevant  and  promising direction of building structures. Methodology. Based on theoretical studies of the current state of construction and space steel  and  concrete  composite  structures  identify  the  most  promising  and  effective  designs.  Given  the  physical  and mechanical  properties  of  materials  and  properties  of  structural  elements  offer  and  develop  a  new  type  of  space coverings. Findings. Proposed and developed new space structures – steel-concrete grid-cable composite shells with the release of their main advantages and design features. Originality. The new efficient construction shells that appointment for covering large-span buildings  and areas.  Practical value.  Developed steel and concrete composite grid-gable roofs appointment  for  industrial  and  civil  construction.  Applications  developed  designs  for  the  construction  of  large-span covering objects provides a significant economic benefit through the efficient use of materials. 

Author Biography

G. M. Gasii, Department of Structures from Metal, Wood and Plastics, Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University, 24, Pershotravnevyi avenue, Poltava 36011, Ukraine

Cand. Sc. (Tech.), Associate Professor


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