Evaluation of effectiveness excavator fitted with telescopic working equipment

L. A. Khmara, O. O. Dakhno


Summary.  Raising of problem. A promising area of earth-moving equipment is a telescopic working equipment  of excavator, which  can  increase  the  digging  depth  and  dump  height,  increase  the  amount  of  soil  developed  on  one  lot  and  the  radius  of  the equipment,  to  quickly  change  a  wide  range  of  geometrical  parameters  of  working  equipment,  and  use  a  wide  range  of interchangeable  working  bodies.  In  addition,  the  telescopic  working  equipment  allows  workers  to  combine  operations  with  the simultaneous change in the linear dimensions of the equipment, which leads to a reduction in the cycle time, and perform the work required  by  the  translational  movement,  for  example,  the  dispersed  work  for  cleaning  and  planning  surfaces  earthworks  in  road construction.  The purpose  of the article.  Develop a system of indicators of evaluation efficiency, of operational properties and a method for determining the operational productivity for single-bucket excavators equipped with the telescopic working equipment. Conclusion.  The  excavator  equipped  with  a  telescopic  working  equipment,  is  the  best  choice  for  use  on  special  works,  such  as finishing  processing  of  slopes,  cleaning,  maintenance,  and  removal  of  plants  from  the  banks  and  bottom  of  rivers  and  canals, excavation broad and deep pits. The use of telescopic working equipment allows you to increase the volume of soil developed on one lot.  Evaluation  of  the  effectiveness  of  the  proposed  system  of  indicators  showed  that  the  best  solution  under  the  terms  of  th e rationalization  and  optimization  of  application  is  within  the  telescopic  working  equipment.  Besides  the  use  of  mechanisms  for telescoping the telescopic boom allows to increase productivity compared to traditional operational equipment by 28% ... 40%. 


Excavator; excavators; telescopic working equipment, evaluation of the effectiveness of the telescopic working equipment

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