Formations of structure of copper gazar of the difficult form

V. Yu. Karpov, S. I. Gubenko, V. V. Karpov


Purpose. At crystallization of gazar the question of interaction of several  fronts of crystallization in volume of one form is important. Results of such interaction have to be reflected considerably in their structure and respectively in properties. As the  main  requirement  to  products  from  gazar - uniformity  of  steam  structure,  the  purpose  of  work  is  studying  of  regularities  of formation of structure of gazar at two axial the located refrigerators in one form. Technique. As material for production of samples of gazar M0 brand copper served. The nozzles cooled by water acted as refrigerators, nearby with each other in one form. Metal melted in the autoclave with the set gas pressure, and then was poured in a form with a pressure, necessary for process. Applied research methods - optical microscopy, measurement of porosity by means of the personal computer. Results. It is established that in meeting places of fronts of crystallization zones of a time of merge which sizes considerably exceed the sizes of a time in the gaseutectic  colonies  are  formed.  For  stable  course  of  process,  it  is necessary  to  provide  the  minimum  movement  of  fusion,  a  stable temperature gradient, constancy or stability of change in crystallization pressure time; free leaving of fusion and hydrogen from the front of crystallization, increase of working pressure to P ≈ 1,3 - 1,4 MPa. Scientific novelty. Differences in structure of castings at its  formation  depending  on  orientation  of  refrigerators  are  revealed.  Ways  of  elimination  of  a  defective  zone  in  castings  are considered. Practical importance. Use of the received results will allow to operate effectively porous structure of products with two axial  fronts  of  crystallization,  to  liquidate  possibility  of  formation  of  a  defective  zone,  considerably  to  increase  quality  of  cast products.


gazar; pressure of saturation; crystallization; fusion; porosity; merge time.


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