Investigation of transformations in non-metallic inclusions by high-temperature metallography

S. I. Gubenko, І. О. Nikulchenko


Purpose. It is interest to research the transformations in non-metallic inclusions under high-temperature heating and laser  treatment  of  steels. It  is  necessary  to  analyse  the  peculiarities  of  influence  of  slow  and  high-speed  heating  on  the  different transformations in different types of inclusions that can to cause the change of properties of inclusions and steels after heat or laser treatment.Also it is necessary to discover the possibilities of controlling heterogenezation of non-metallic inclusions and steel matrix in the time of formation of local gradiental and composite zones of contact interaction in systems inclusion-matrix. The goal of work is  to  discover  the  fundamental  types  of  transformations  in  non-metallic  inclusions by  high-temperature  metallography  and  laser heating. Methodology.  The  materials  for  investigation  were  commercial  steels  containing  different  non-metallic  inclusions.  The specimens of different steels with preliminary polished surface were exposed to heating in vacuum on the installations IMASH-5C and  Rainhart  and  also  exposed  to laser  beaming  on  the  installations  GOS-30M  and  GUANTUM-16. Methods  of investigation –vacuum metallography, petrography and optical microscopy (Neophot-21) were used. Findings. It was fixed under high-temperature heating in vacuum the different transformations in non-metallic inclusions take place which cause by polymorphism, transition into more stable condition, precipitation and dissolution of second phase, change of chemical composition. These transformations cause the  stresses  promoting  local spontaneous  recrystallization. Under high-temperature  heating  dissociation  and  dissolution  ofnonmetallic inclusions takes place that in accompanied by local saturation of steel matrix of cascade type and also by precipitation of “satellite” inclusions.Redistribution  of inclusions  under  high-temperature  heating  promotes  decoration  of high-temperature boundaries and manifestation of structural heredity. Under laser action melting and speed crystallization of non-metallic inclusions, shear polymorphic transformations, transition into more or less stable condition precipitation and dissolution of second phase change of  chemical  composition,  reduction  of  metals  from  oxides,  formation  of  gradiental  and  composite  microzones  takes  place. Thepeculiarities of transformations in non-metallic inclusions being on the polished surface under speed heating in the condition of laser action were investigated.The peculiarities of transformations in non-metallic inclusions under ordinary and high-speed heating are discussed. Originality. The  peculiarities  oftrans formations  in  non-metallic  inclusions  under  different  conditions  of  heating  and cooling taking place under interaction between non-metallic inclusions and steel matrix were determined. Practical value. The using of receiving results will allow to elaborate the methods and regimes of different types of  treatment allowing to influence on the sizes, chemical composition, structure and distribution of non-metallic inclusions in steels with the aim of raise of mechanical properties.


steel non-metallic inclusions; high-temperature metallography; laser action.


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