Administrative-territorial reform in Ukraine as a source for development of low-rise residential house building

I. I. Pereginets, M. V. Savytskyi, I. I. Kulichenko, O. O. Koval


Purpose. Influence of the administrative-territorial reform, initialized by the government of Ukraine in 2015, on the social-economic development of the country, plans of territorial development, and residential housing has been studied insufficiently, and needs in-depth analysis and specification. There is a need for further study of the influence of administrative-territorial reform on transformation of living of an individual citizen, and of the society as a whole, particularly on changes of the residential construction structure, application of energy-efficient technologies in housing construction, and та investment attractiveness of the united communities’ territories. Methodology. The proposed algorithm of study of the influence of administrative-territorial reform on changes to society and development of low-rise energy-efficient residential housing is based on determination of cooperation between certain internal and geopolitical processes, and replication of changes alike in other countries of the world. Findings. It is determined that implementation of the administrative-territorial reform in Ukraine has significant impact on improvement of socialeconomic relationships, development of the united communities’ territories, structure and quality characteristics of low-rise housing. The administrative-territorial reform also has great impact on migration and demographics of the Ukrainian society. According to the study results, state and local authorities, scientific environment, business structures, local and foreign investors, and Ukrainian citizens as subjects of the administrative-territorial reform, are acquire quality components for organizing their own plans of participation in the transformation processes of the country. Originality. The improvement of studying the impact of the administrative-territorial reform on social changes and Ukrainian citizens’ quality of life by studying of cooperation between certain local and geopolitical processes and replication of changes alike in other countries of the world. Practical value. Using the study of influence of the administrative-territorial reform on social-economic development of the state, plans of territories’ development, and residential housing will allow to use the results of these influences in the formation of plans for development of the united societies’ territories, applying energy-efficient technologies in low-rise housing, development of business and investment plans.


administrative-territorial reform; influence; low-rise housing; energy efficiency; quality of living


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