Влияние социально-психологических аспектов безопасности на эффективность деятельности предприятий

L. І. Manina, Y. М. Bichkov, А. S. Yelnikov


One of the priorities in the world is to provide personal (individual) human security. This trend coincides with the natural human need - to be safe and the desire to avoid suffering. If the technical and organizational areas protect workers achieved relevant successes, then towards psychological defense workers as collective and individual so far made only the first steps. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in foreign countries at this stage is the most effective means of organizing rights to personal security, as evidenced by the statistical loss of population, which is four times lower than in Russia and Ukraine. NLP began as a simulation experience known psychotherapists, learning achievements of these doctors that change for the better individuality while using the principle of "do no harm" in terms of system safety system NLP will maintain an appropriate level of security, taking into account the relevant circumstances and types of reactions working on conflict . The system is based on real people's reaction to the relevant conflict situation, which is taken into account when choosing the means of solving problems. Developed areas of conflict resolution in the working groups to improve the efficiency of the company. Information technology include the elimination of the conflict of lack of information, exclusion from the information field of false, distorted information. Communication technology company providing communication between the subjects of conflict interaction and their supporters to ensure effective communication. Socio-psychological technologies include work with informal leaders and microgroups, reducing social tensions and strengthen the socio-psychological climate in the team. Organizational technology solution involving personnel issues, the use of rewards and punishments, changing the conditions of mutual co. Relationship of enterprise performance and neuron-linguistic programming conflict prevention and injury was first explored in order to avoid losses in manufacturing and in the home. Considering the relationship will keep qualified personnel in the company, which is the basis for efficiency.  Using existing foreign and domestic experience of legal and psychological protection and rights of self-defense during the emergence and development of the conflict can not only improve the psychological climate in the enterprise, but also improve its operation, to extend its functionality to ensure the stability of the system increase the enterprise.


strategy; conflict; social and psychological impact; prevention of conflicts; socio-economic motivation.


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