Given the intensity in plasners under the influence of temperature deformation of the system "gazobeton masonry-plasters" the design of the plasner solutions.

V. А. Paruta, I. V. Brynzin, D. V. Gusak


Purpose.To ground expediency planning of compositions andproperties, clout solutions taking into account tensions ofar ising up clout coverage from deformations of a wallconstruction and coverage. It is marked that during exploitation, laying is executed from an autoclave aerocrete and clout coverage, test temperature deformations. These deformations and tensions, caused by them, it is necessary to take into account, along with other, at planning of clout solutions. Methodology.Results fre got by the calculation of tensions in cloutcoverage through the programs "Ансис", "Лира" and thetwofactor planned experiment with the use of the systemCOMPEX 2000, on the basis of experimental and literarydata of descriptions of theгазобетонной laying and clout solutions. Finding.Data are got on tensions in clout coverage that can be usedfor planning of compositions and properties of cloutsolutions for the газобетонной laying.Originality.Developed idea about methodology of planning of propertiesand compositions of clout solute ons for laying from anautoclave aerocrete. Practical value. Methodology of receipt of basic data is offerent at planning of properties and composition of clout solutions for anautoclave aerocrete.


Laying executed from an autoclave aerocrete; clout coveragefor a autoclave aerocrete.


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