Determination of heat transfer of a person in the workplace with local heat

І. V. Goljakova


One of the tasks of occupational safety is to ensure that the parameters of the microclimate in which a person will experience a comfortable environment. The approach to assessing the health of a man – a compilation and ensuring the thermal balance of the human body, which should be supported in equilibrium. Failure to comply with this condition a person will experience discomfort. Therefore, today there remains the issue of the creation of such microclimatic conditions that will allow to keep the balance between the number formed in the body heat and drain. Eminent scholars in the field of research of heat exchange of human body with the environment was O. Fanger and V. N. Theological. They proposed to consider the human body as a mechanism that obeys the law of conservation of mass and energy, which allows to accurately determine the energy balance and, consequently, its condition, but was not considered in the processes of heat exchange, open and covered parts of the body. On this basis the aim of this work is the preparation of heat balance of the human body in the workplace with local heat generation according to the degree of open and covered parts of the body and the type of work performed.  The proposed algorithm making a heat balance is based on the study of radiant and convective component based open and covered the surface of the human body, since the heat transfer on the surface of the human body is uneven by petritoli body Considering and accounting for the heat balance of the human body in the workplace taking into account the degree of open and covered parts of the body and activity diagrams obtained with the help of which one can estimate the thermal state of a person when certain parameters of the microclimate on permanent and are not permanent jobs with local heat. For the first time invited to consider the heat balance of the human body including open and covered parts of the body, as well as the type of work performed, which allows to analyze the thermal state of patients with different microclimatic conditions. Diagram of the heat balance of the human body including open and covered surfaces of the human body allow us to determine the thermal state of the human body in check of working conditions in the workplace with local heat.


microclimate parameters; heat balance; comfort; people; workplace


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