Parametric modeling in various graphic

E. V. Siedleckaya


The goal - improving engineering training students, through improved training techniques used today in high school, as a result of the widespread introduction in the educational process of electronic charting software. As a result, the development of which students will be able to perform all graphics tasks, applicable to the requirements of information modeling. The technique - The newest information technologies in teaching allow greater use of scientific and educational potential of leading universities and institutions to attract teachers to create distance learning courses, to expand the audience of students for active use of innovative features, such as graphics packages. Results - mastering students' skills in parametric modeling. Scientific novelty is the introduction into the educational process of innovative technologies in parametric modeling in various graphic environments. Practical significance - Information technology is a combination of methods, production processes and software and hardware integrated into the technological chain that provides the collection, processing, storage, transmission and display of information, allowing on a systematic basis to organize the optimal interaction between the teacher and the student in order to achieve the result  learning.  In addition, the teacher should be informed about the technical means and software that will be available to him when the training process is supported, so that future engineers can use in their workflow all the advantages of information modeling technology in particular parametric. Materials are introduced into the educational process of the Department of Descriptive Geometry and Graphics. It is intended for students of specialties "Construction and civil engineering", "Automotive transport", "Branch machinery" of day and distance learning forms.


BIM- technology; modeling; education; graphical environment


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