Features and efficiency of the pulsed power supply system of electric power consumers

P. Коlоsiuкv, V. Коlоsiuка, I. Gubachovo


Purpose.Substantiation of the structural scheme of a pulse supply system with a two-phase rectification of an alternating current and the disclosure of features and regularities of its operation.  Methodology. Analysis of the main parameters of the system at 380 V supply voltage based on the induction method ("step by step"). Equations are obtained for  determining the average and effective current in the circuit of the pulsed power supply system; the calculated and experimental data of the load parameters, including  when using traction motors with in-series excitation, are determined. Results.  The efficiency of the pulsed power system is shown. If the consumer is supplied with a pulse voltage with a pulse length of 2/3 of the period and a pause of 1/3 of the period, then the   current consumption from the source is reduced by the opposite action of the self-induced EMF of the source current, then the reserve of magnetic energy in the inductance of the consumer ensures the flow of current of the consumer, bypassing the source and supply line. This ensures a reduction in energy consumption from the source and an increase in the active power of the consumer due to the beneficial use of its reactive power.  Scientific novelty.  Structural construction of the system of pulsed power supply of the consumer and justification of the methodology for the beneficial use of its reactive power. Practical significance. Using these results and the establishment of the pulse power system which provides reduce power losses and increase the efficiency of the consumer through the use of its reactive power, as well as create conditions for improving the security of electricity use in the mines with hazardous gases.


pulse power supply system; pause; resistance; inductance; self-induction


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