Risk-oriented approach to labour and production safety protection in coal mines: conception, normative base, estimation and control by risks

A. F. Bulat, T. V. Bunko, I. Ye. Kokoulin, O. P. Krukovsky, I. A. Yashchenko, K. K. Sofiyskiy, A. V. Sheyko


Purpose.  Preparation to development of conception risk-oriented of control by a labour protection on the coal enterprises of Ukraine  and packet of normative  -  methodical documents which regulate implementation of its positions.  Method.  The analysis of lacks of existent documents is conducted «Conception of increase level of labour protection on the coal mines of Ukraine» (2 005) and «Conception of control by the risks of origin of extraordinary situations of technogen and natural character» (in 2014) is co nducted, the ways of their perfection and adduction in accordance to modern realities of mine production are define. The analysis of existent world and domestic legal, normative and methodical documents in relation to the use of theory of risks with the purpose of analysis dangers of technogen and emergency character, their decline and avoidance, development of list of necessary documen ts (on the first stage – basic concepts, general method) on the analysis, estimation and management by the aerological risks of coal production is executed.  Results.  First  conceptual bases of risk-oriented approach to perfection of the control system by production and labour protection will be created, and preparatory work with the use of modern domestic and foreign works to creation of six  normatively-methodical documents will be conducted: on the technogen risks  -  «Method of conducting of the airily-depressed surveys» (perfection of existing with addition by elements is the risk-oriented approach), «Method of control by the risks of technogen safety» and «Method of control by the risks of labour protection» (it is created first); on the emergency risks  -  «Instruction from compilation of plans liquidation of accidences» (which will become a new release of existent document of 2004 year with an account of the riskoriented approach and use of information-analytical technology),  «Method organization of the system of  self-rescuing  of  miners» (will become a new release of existent document taking into account new approaches to the system  of self-rescuing and use of information-analytical  technology  technology)  and  «Method  planning  of  the  system  of  against-accidence  defence»  (it  is  created  first).Scientific novelty. Conception of the use risk-oriented approach to the control by a labour protection for coal industry of Ukraine is created first. Normatively-methodical documents, specifying and regulating its positions, also do not have analogues in Ukraine, and on separate aspects –  and in world.  Practical meaningfulness.  The developed conceptual, methodical approaches and normatively-methodical base of perfection of the control system by production and labour protection, in the case of their introduction on the coal enterprises of Ukraine, will give possibility to promote safety of labour due to the use of the scientifically grounded  recommendations on the decline of technogen risks, creation and use of new documents on the control by the emergency risks. It is possible to hope on the receipt of certain economic effect due to the decline of production traumatism and time of disabled of workings,  that will be instrumental in quality of their labour.


the risk-oriented control; coal enterprises; normative documents; safety of labour; technogen and emergency risks


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