Methodology and results of design of energy supply for low-rise ecological building "zero energy" on the basis of solar system

M. V. Savytskyi, V. I. Popov, S. I. Kozar, M. M. Babenko, Al. M. Savytskyi


Abstract. The article presents a methodological approach and the result of designing an energy supply for a low-rise ecological residential building according to the standards of "zero energy". Purpose. Proof of the possibility of an autonomous power supply of a low-rise residential building in accordance with the "zero energy" standard in the city of Dnipro and the existing technical and technological provision. Methodology. Method for calculating the energy balance of a low-rise building. Results. According to the conducted research in the Central European zone of Ukraine, where Dnipro city is located, it is possible to provide an autonomous power supply for a low-rise residential building. The proposed electric supply system allows generating an excess amount of electricity, which can be realized according to the "green tariff" scheme. Scientific novelty. The indicators of the energy balance of a low-rise building are obtained using various alternative energy sources. Practical significance. The cost of basic constructive and technological systems of eco-development of "zero-energy" is determined, which indicates the competitiveness of the proposed solution.


energy efficiency ; alternative energy sources; "green tariffs"; low-rise ecological buildings


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Стаття рекомендована до друку д-ром. техн. наук, проф. Дерев’янкоВ.М.. (Україна); Поступила в редколегію 27.08.2017 р.


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