Semidefinite optimization for solving boolean quadratic problems

A. I. Kosolap, A. S. Peretiatko


Abstract.  Purpose.  We consider boolean quadratic optimization problems. Such problems arise in market economy, planning,  project management, artificial intelligence, optimal design and are NP-hard. In this paper we propose a procedure for finding the  lower and upper bounds of the objective functions of boolean quadratic problems.  Methodology. In this paper we propose to convert  the boolean quadratic problem to the general quadratic optimization problem, and then apply semi definite relaxation to it. Findings. The using of semidefinite relaxation has allowed us to find lower bounds of the objective function or global minimum point with a given accuracy in boolean quadratic problems. Moreover, unlike other methods, testing the  optimality of the found solution doesn`t require exponential time and is quite simple. The upper bound of the objective function, which is found by using the lower es timate  of semidefinite relaxation as a starting point for solving the original problem by local search methods, in 91% of cases coincided with the global minimum of the initial problem.  Originality. A new procedure for finding the upper and lower bounds of objective function was proposed.  Practical value.  The considered method of solution can  be used for finding the solution in applications that can be  formulated as boolean quadratic problems. Comparative numerical experiments confirm the efficiency of this approach to solvin g such problems.


quadratic optimization; boolean optimization; boolean quadratic problems; semidefinite optimization; semidefinite relaxation; lower and upper bounds.


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