Diversification of competencies for the modern student subject to expansion of applications for big data technologies

G. M. Korotenko, L. M. Korotenko, I. M. Udovyk, N. N. Samarets


Abstract. Purpose. At the present time, in the all European and world spheres of education, the tendency of the movement “from a concept of qualification to a concept of competence” was outlined. This tendency reflects the fact that strengthening the educational and information bases in modern production is not "covered" by the traditional concept of professional qualification. The con cept of competence becomes more reliable. A competent approach to education (as opposed to the traditional qualifying one) reflects the  requirements of not only satisfying the content of education (the habits of which the high school alumni should know and have   the ability to possess in the professional field), but also reflects the behavioral component (the ability to apply knowledge, skills and habits for solutions tasks of professional activity). Special professional competence itself becomes dependent on expanding the range and volume of data produced by different devices. As a rule, they are not associated with a particular professional activity of any  future specialist. It is obvious that the formation of most of the specialists' competences responds only to specific academi c subjects. Therefore, based on the general recognition of the fact that the Bachelor and Master level  programmes  should provide a fairly broad  competence, curriculum developers are advised to pay special attention to cross-cutting modules and modules that reflect the specific  subject area.  Methodology.  The suggested approach to the diversification of modern student competencies is based on comprehensive  studies.  These  include  the  systematic  analysis  of  trends  in  the  development of  advanced  technology  in  the  production,  storage  and  processing of the so-called Big Data. The Big Data allows the formation of competencies for future bachelor's and master's degrees. Findings.  It was found that some of the information connected with the training syllabuses for future experts requires constant changes within the main areas in the development of modern computing. The main directions for their improvement are defined. Originality. The combination of factors affecting efficiency is revealed. These factors have a significant influence on a variety of competences which  were created for future bachelors and masters. These competences can be created against the background of the various data about the  surrounding world which is included in the educational process. The model of creating innovative products on the basis  of aggregation  "Areas  of  knowledge  –  Disciplines  –  Technologies  and  industries  of  economy"  is  proposed.  Practical  value.  The  use  of  similar  programmes and curricula will provide support in achieving the desired level of diversification of competencies of alumni on the level of  changes in the educational and professional programmes for bachelors and masters.



big data; competences; competencies; area of expertise; technologies; disciplines; sectors of the economy; innovations


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