The feasibility of using graphics software for the hydraulic calculation heating and watersupply

E. L. Ishchenko, I. V. Donenko, S. S. Ishchenko


Summary.  The urgency of the problem.  Modern engineering systems are characterized by their complexity in the design that are  not  only  for  compliance  with  hygiene  standards,  but  also  to  ensure  comfortable  conditions  in  buildings,  while  achieving maximum economic benefit for the project. For example, the heating system does not work in a constant hydraulic regime, a system with  a  constantly  changing  thermal  conditions  during  operation,  respectively  requires  the  equipment  to  track  these  changes  and respond to them. New approaches, solutions, materials and design a challenge for designers who in these circumstances, should  have the diversity and specificity of the application of  modern control valves  for the implementation of high -tech and energy-efficient heating  systems  with  optimized  capital  costs.  When  designing  the  heating  system  and  water  supply  system  settlements  are characterized by a large  weight and a large amount of variables. That is why leading manufacturers of piping and control valv es create and perfect graphics software for the automated calculation of hydraulic systems.  Purpose  -  to study the feasibility of using graphics software for hydraulic calculation of the example programs known manufacturers of piping and control valves.  Statement of the base material.  There are many programs to help with graphic design of heating systems and water supply, the regulation of existing systems. For example, some of them would like to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of their use in the calcula tions. The program provides opportunities to carry out absolutely all the hydraulic calculations, in which: - the selection of the diameters of pipelines, both in heating and cooling;  -  selection of the size of radiators and fan coil units;  -  optimization  of water consumption in the designed equipment;  - calculation of the pressure loss in the equipment;  - Selection of settings balancing valves on the risers and branches; - keeping the required parameters of thermostatic radiator valves; - issuance of the list and the amount of materials needed. Conclusions. Make the choice of materials and control valves, without having the market situation is very difficult. Before producing  the task to inform not only the consumers of the goods, but also to inform the des igners about all the characteristics, differences and advantages, because it is at the stage of the project addressed the issue of use of certain materials and equipment. Therefor e, in order  to  make  a  payment  or heating  water  on the  area  of  the  building,  it  is better  to use  a  software  application  with  a  large  library  of materials and products. From the correctness of the data it depends not only on the work of the system itself, but also the amount of investment that would be required for its organization.


graphics programs; hydraulic calculation; Selection of pipelines; regulating valves.


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