Using java-technology to develop graphical applications

V. V. Drobot, O. N. Shibko


Annotation.  The purpose. The aim of the work is the development of a graphical editor for drawing two-dimensional graphics, the development of primary and basic tools for editing graphics using the Java programming language and Java 2D APIs. As well as using  a  programming  environment  NetBeans  IDE  8.0.2  i  IntelliJ  IDEA 2016.1.  Methodology.  It  is  essential  to  the  programming languages of today schedule. It allows you to visualize any program, provides brightness and ease of use for those or other programs. It allows you to create a bright and interesting Web-pages, useful when designing databases, writing mobile and computer games. Since we  live in a three-dimensional world, the programming of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics  at present  is relevant  and  can  not  leave  this  topic  aside.  Results.  Using  the  Java  2D  classes  simple  editor  JavaPaint  has  been  created,  which enables the user to create drawings and edit graphics.  Scientific novelty.  A detailed analysis of all software development stages  has been presented,  a step by step plan for creating graphical applications  has been developed, the  own program design using NetBeans IDE platform  has been developed, the program code has been written.  Practical significance.  . A detailed analysis of all software  development stages has been presented, a step by step plan for creating graphical applications has been developed, the own program  design using NetBeans IDE platform  has been developed, the program code has been written.  Using the Java 2D  classes a simple editor JavaPaint has been created, which enables the user to create drawings and edit graphics.


graphic images, graphical programming, Web-page, Internet, Paint, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Java


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