The phase change corrosion resistant steel 03х17н3г9мбдюч during heating and cooling


  • N. A. Evseeva Ph. D., Assos. prof., Ukraine
  • V. G. Mishchenko Dr. Sc. (Tech.), Prof., Ukraine


structure, stainless steel, austenite, ferrite


Annotation. Purpose. The analysis of the phase state of steel 03Х17Н3Г9МБДЮч and influence of operation temperature on the mechanical properties, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Methodology. Samples of high-temperature corrosion resistant steel 03Х17Н3Г9МБДЮч (patent UA №100650). Findings. The study of the distribution of alloying elements was carried out on scanning electron microscope РЕМ-106I, equipped with a system of x-ray energy dispersive microanalysis at an accelerated voltage 20kV secondary electrons. X-ray microanalysis (RSMA) shows the distribution austentatious and ferritotious elements in stainless steel 03Х17Н3Г9МБДЮч. Practical value. Established in 03ХН3Г9МБДЮч steel at high temperatures of operation is dominated by austenite structure, this helps to preserve its strength and hence the durability of the reactors.

Author Biographies

N. A. Evseeva, Ph. D., Assos. prof.

кафедра двигателей внутреннего сгорания, Запорожский национальный технический университет, ул. Жуковского, 64, 69063, Запорожье, Украина

V. G. Mishchenko, Dr. Sc. (Tech.), Prof.

кафедра прикладной физики, Запорожский национальный университет, ул. Жуковского, 66, 69063, Запорожье, Украина


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Mishchenko V.G., Evseeva N.A. Analiz fiziko-chimicheskogo vzaimodejstvija komponentov stali sop sredoj vosstanovitelnogo processa polutchenija titana [Analysis of the physicochemical interaction of steel components with the environment of the reduction process for the production of titanium]. Visnyk dvygunobuduvannja [Herald of Engine Building]. 2009, no. 2, pp.120122. (in Ukrainian).





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