Methods and results of energy costs comparative evaluation of masons in the construction of the guest huse of brick and masonry blocks

V. Т. Shalennyi, К. A. Leonenko


Goal. To provide improved by us and implemented at the model of the real object of assessment and reduction energy costs masons. Suggest some ways the construction of the object and to conduct a comparative analysis, including energy component, thus showing the importance of this criterion. Suggest a constructive solution allows to reduce energy costs. Findings. Total comparison showed that the laying of concrete blocks, in terms of energy efficiency at the facility will be 2.58 times more efficient than the masonry of ceramic bricks. Originality. Using the above method allows to take into account the energy consumption of the workers, as the criterion of the severity of the labor performed. Now you can compare the technology with each other based on the severity of the labor, as well as to normalize the salaries and leave workers on the basis of these indicators. Practical value. Our design allows you to expand the technological capabilities for the production of stone work on the device of their masonry walls and small units, as It becomes possible partial mechanization of masonry. And significantly reduces energy consumption.


Energy Efficiency; the severity of labor; crane-manipulator; method of fixing energy costs, crane equipment


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